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Family Business: Institution with a final date

 Since Romans invent the Juries Personality as a way to give or delegate power enough to a thing (the slaves was things without any rights but the FACTORS was really managers of the family business especially during the war campains of the landlord. They the factors acted as a delegate doing all type of contracts in the name of the family business o the landlord.

So that they invented de SOCIEDAD – COMPANY – FIRM as UN institution with power but them to contract and resold in such a different ways evolution through 2000 years.

Until end of XX century we do not be conceit that this model have a final date in the moment became the 3 generation and the shareholders atom nice in a multi minority shareholders became a lot of different problems or crisis that being the final of the company

In Spain only 1 from each 1000 firms survive to the 3ª generation and because the founder are alive with plus 90 they see how their little o big toy is destroy by his own relatives even before he dies 


      Alberto Diez

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